Torqeedo Electric outboard motors

A reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, these German built Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motors offer a cost effective alternative to our Honda outboard engines. There is also 25% discount in the Thames River Licence when using an electric outboard engines. We can also supply a wide range of spares and accessories to complement the engines such as throttles, batteries, cables, fuses and switches.

These powerful high-tech electric outboard motors provide good propulsion, are environmentally friendly, efficient and quiet!
Electric Drive Systems cause no Water Pollution

• Torqeedo Motors have an Exemplary Carbon Footprint

• No Smells, No Noise

An ever increasing world population, a doubling of the global middle class in our decade, limited oil with rising cost, efforts to reduce global warming and an increasing trend towards sustainable lifestyles. This is why we at Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motors set out to achieve one overarching goal: to think about the future today and every day.