Honda Marine Outboard engines


Prices from: £10265
With a new design, the BF100 and BF80 delivers more power and better fuel economy, a world of adventure awaits with these outstanding 4-stoke engines.


BF80 LRTU Long Shaft. ££10,265.00
BF80 XRTU Extra Long Shaft. £10,565.00

Not supplied with fuel tank.
Delivery charge £75.00

80hp – 4 stroke engine | 4 cylinders – 1,496cm³ | L or X shaft | from 165 kg

Sparkling silver finish

We think something that works beautifully should look great too. The finish is stunning in Honda aqua marine silver. The sleek, sculpted design is liquid smooth. It looks good just fixed to the back of the boat, but in the water – where it really belongs – it looks even better.

Functional design

Above the water both engines are super-slim for a four-cylinder 4-stroke. The removable engine hood fits snugly over the engine and all its working parts to provide excellent engine protection throughout. Below the water the hydrodynamic gear case has a low drag coefficient. You can see the difference right away – it’s so slim – providing better fuel economy at higher speeds.

From the world's racing circuits, to the waters of the world.

In 1959 we entered the Isle of Man Motorcycle TT race with dreams of winning the world championship. We made our presence felt two years later by finishing first – as well as second, third, fourth and fifth. Today’s machines are proof that dreams can come true, and improving their performance is a continual challenge – and joy – for us.

Track technologies

Proven technology from the racetrack is passed on to our marine engines. Every innovation, no matter how small, is like a trophy to us. We’re always looking around the corner to see what’s coming next.