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SMALL BUT MUSCULAR A single cylinder 4-stroke that spins freely with the first pull, making it easier to start. Reliable and quiet, the ergonomic carry handle of the lightweight BF2.3 allows the Honda experience to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.


2.3–10 hp engines
All BF2.3 engines have recoil start, tiller handle with twist throttle, 360° pivot, centrifugal clutch, propeller and integral 1 litre fuel tank.
BF2.3 SCHU Short Shaft. £820.00
BF2.3 LCHU Long Shaft. £820.00

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When you get going, you’ll be surprised at how much fun the tiniest Honda can generate.

Unlike a 2-stroke engine, these 4-strokes are so quiet. They’re also more efficient, and there’s no mixing of oil and petrol, which is bad for the environment. So as you accelerate away to the middle of a lake, up a river or around the coastline at sea, you know that the clean water you’re cutting through stays that way.

It has the latest technology that accurately controls the ignition timing, so when you start ­– even from cold – the air-cooled BF2.3 will never let you down.

It's got punch

It can build more solid torque to move heavier craft if required. It’s simple to operate, easy to keep clean and needs minimum maintenance. Add Honda reliability, superior fuel efficiency and low emissions, and you’ve got all you need to start out on the water.

BF2.3 SCHU Short Shaft. £805.00

BF2.3 LCHU Long Shaft. £835.00