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Maxima 750 lounge

The Maxima 750 Lounge is a timeless, spacious and practical lounge boat with many luxury options. The Maxima 750 lounge also has a beautiful toilet area that can also serve as storage space. With diesel inboard and outboard engine in the bun available. The Maxima 750 Lounge is special because it is self-draining and yet has a very comfortable seat. Of course, the 750 Lounge has a sun bed. Many people on board is no problem for this derived lifeboat. Even on the rougher waters this boat holds itself easily. Whether you want to relax on the lake or on the big rivers; this all-rounder does it with ease.


General information:
Length: 7,50 meter
Beam: 2,50 meter
Depth: 0,60 meter
Weight: 1750 kg
CE category : C
Number of persons: 12
Clearance height:  123 cm
Maximum power:  52 hp inboard diesel engine
D & R Engineering is a Maxima UK Main Dealer
Standard equipment:
- Standard hull color: black, dark grey, light grey, white or dark blue
- Stainless steel protecting strip around the bathing platform
- Stainless steel bow protecting strip
- Big storage rooms
- Rubrail black or light grey with stainless steel endings
- Stainless steel cleats (6 pieces)
- Preparation for a chemical toilet
- Stainless steel bow eye
- Perfect seats and sit positions
- Luxury sit and cushions (diamand/hitch/markilux)
- Steering console
- Luxury steering system
- Stainless steel steering wheel
- Waterline colour: black, white, grey, orange